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Little Chief the Teepee by Have A Nice Day

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If you look towards the rugged mountains, by the fast-flowing stream, you’ll see Little Chief the Teepee standing proud. As Big Chief’s younger companion, Little Chief is an integral part of village life for tribal peg dolls and animals. Underneath the star-laden sky, Little Chief provides warmth and shelter to all who seek it. For little chieftains who are just starting out on their tribal adventure, Little Chief is the perfect stepping stone into a land of excitement and free-thinking play time.

Perched on a shelf of favourite things in a bohemian-inspired bedroom or playroom, or sitting in the center of a rug or forest play mat, Little Chief is lively, strong, and courageous. The front opening of Little Chief is the ideal size for peg dolls, while the back is open to ensure animals and toys can huddle inside. Should you wish to expand your camp, Big Chief is the ideal addition to complete your village setting.

Designed and made on the Gold Coast from premium grade plywood, our teepee arrives unassembled so that together, you and your little tribal leader can bring Little Chief to life. The unique clips in its design assemble with a satisfying ‘click.’ Once assembled, Little Chief allows every free spirit the chance to play, explore and create their very own bohemian tribal adventure.

L 14.5cm x W 20cm x H 19cm

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